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College Search Made Easier
Dec. 19, 2017
Maurice hill

College Search Made Easier | ExploreAlly.Com.

Search more than 1,900 colleges with just a few clicks.

ExploreAlly’s Advanced College Search Engine has been moved to the home page redesigned to make searching for your perfect college even easier. The Advanced College Search Engine allows students, parents, counselors, etc. to quickly and easily search and rank schools based on individual needs. The Advanced College Search Engine provides the following benefits:

  • Advanced search saves students, parents, college advisors, etc. time and the frustration of searching through multiple college websites.

  • Visitors can search a database of more than 1,900 4-year colleges and universities.

  • ExploreAlly combines data points representing academics, college living environments, financial needs, admission requirements and the cost of college for public and private colleges and universities.

  • Search by school name; filter more than 6 filters with 35 different data points, geographic areas and local environment and more.

  • ExploreAlly presents useful college selection information in an easy to understand graphical presentation.

  • You can save, store or share your search results for future reference.

College search made easy.

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