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The College Scorecard | Is it Useful?

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The College Scorecard | Is it Useful?
Jul. 23, 2017
Maurice hill

The Department of Education (ED) released a new educational website called The College Scorecard. The College Scorecard is part of ED’s College Affordability and Transparency Center. The center’s purpose is to provide information about how much it costs students to attend different colleges, how fast those costs are going up, and information related to why costs are going up. The purpose of the College Scorecard as clearly stated on the website is to make it easier to search for college information. Students and families are given information that will assist them in making more informed college selection decisions and provide information about college affordability. The College Scorecard claims that it makes it easier to search for a college that is a “good fit” for high school students. The target audience is low-income students according to the College Scorecard. believes that the site is missing the mark and asks, is it useful and to whom?

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