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About Us

About Us

ExploreAlly is a college decision support service that helps aspiring college students choose the right college and learning environment based on American College Testing’s (ACT’s) list of major college selection factors and individual student requirements. We aggregate relevant information so that students and parents can make informed decisions about investing in a college education. We present useful college selection information in a user-friendly, graphical format that answers critical questions and concerns of students, parents and counselors.

We offer more than just information about colleges. Our service provides crucial living environment information from transportation and the nearest hospitals to shops and entertainment and other vital necessities. ExploreAlly also provides valuable checklists for U.S. and international students to use when choosing and applying for college. ExploreAlly recognizes the importance of using outside professionals and provides information on engaging guidance counselors and college consultants.

How Does ExploreAlly Help Students?

ExploreAlly helps students and parents select a college by aggregating various information resources and data points that are most relevant to the selection of a college or university. We use a combination of factors based on academic, financial, living, social and environmental factors. Students and parents can filter the data to match their individual needs. The result provides the maximum fit for a productive learning environment

ExploreAlly presents this information in a comprehensive presentation to understand the many moving parts of college selection. We integrate these resources into informational packages to help students, parents and admissions counselors within one consolidated platform.

We do this with as limited advertising as necessary. Our partners provide important information that supports the main theme to provide meaningful support in the college selection process that is tailored to each individual student.

What Does ExploreAlly Do?

ExploreAlly is a full spectrum decision support service that helps students, parents, grandparents and school counselors choose the right college and more importantly the right college learning environment. There is a need for a one-stop (free) web service for users seeking college-related information to base their important college decisions. Today, there is no single web service for selecting a college, a positive learning environment and the social and living experience associated with relocating to a new environment. We believe that the learning environment is just as important as the education itself. A learning environment that fits the personality and needs of the student enhances the student’s ability to learn.

Who uses ExploreAlly?

US students, international students, parents, grandparents and counselors that are looking for information to select a college based on individual requirements that match the needs of the student.

Why use ExploreAlly?

ExploreAlly was founded to provide information in a user-friendly format for students, parents and guardians to make informed decisions when choosing a college based on the academic and environmental learning needs of the student. We provide geographical demographics and financial information for the college and surrounding locations. Our goal is to provide a one-stop site for college selection based on analysis of 59 data categories representing thousands data points. Our searches return information in an infographic format containing college information, college environment, expenses, financial aid, campus activities, on and off campus housing, and transportation and other valuable and searchable information.

ExploreAlly is a wholly owned subsidiary of Winston Technologies LLC. A privately held company incorporated in the State of Florida.